Explore & innovate

I am a person with an entrepreneurial mindset, so I’m always on the look-out for new challenges and improvements. Through my experience in social innovation with different change-projects, I had the chance to discover numerous ingredients to create an innovation culture.

Today we need change makers who dare to challenge the complex quests of our world. It's not about the innovations. It's about the innovator. I believe in the new generation; It’s my challenge to prepare future change makers to succeed in a fast changing and challenging environment with a focus on the SDG's. 


Let's multiply our impact and open up to truly tackle the world's biggest challenges (SDG's). Human centered design is key in this phase. Get a better understanding of the context and connect & empathize with the users.


I make impact with new programs for corporate organizations and for education. An approach with future thinking so that our next generation can be prepared for the many possible tomorrows that lay ahead.


I link the people of the community to the value change of our transformation. With the collaborative way of learning I give talents the power to drive change in order to create a more sustainable impact locally.