First experience of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has a lot of diversity and contradictions as well. You can’t get bored in Rio, just go to beaches where everything happens. There is a lot to see and it’s hard to just lay straight on your towel. It’s the spot where everybody comes together and it gives you a good impressions of the life of the carioca (the locals). It doesn’t matter if you are super hot, very trained or really fat, it’s all there. Just be happy with yourself that’s the feeling that they give you. They play volleyball, football, they flirt, swim, sell drinks, cocktails, food. So, enough to discover. But contradicting to this feeling of freedom that you get here on the beach there is a lot of racism. Because Brazil is the last country what had slavery. And although you think brown, black and sunburned people will have the same color, taxi’s don’t stop easily for black people with curly hear. It’s just one example. For more background read the testimonial of Daniele de Araújo. The other contradictions is the old bohemian neighborhood where the colonist built there houses, because the city centre became too crowded for them. Nowadays it’s a really old neighborhood with beautiful houses and a lot of creative designers who live there. Next to his neighborhood you have the favela’s and the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches with many skyscrapers. And this is not everything, still every day I fall from one surprise into another. Enough to explore. Next time I will tell you more about the life in the favela’s in relation to my volunteering project. 

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    Hanny (Sunday, 06 November 2016 04:18)

    Hoi hoi, het gaat goed met je. Je omschrijft een goed en indrukwekkend beeld van hoe het daar is en kan zijn.
    Interessant om te lezen en wat een prachtige omgeving het komt heel relaxed over.
    Tot gauw met lieve groet.

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    Manon (Friday, 02 December 2016 07:49)

    Super leuke blog Mar!! Great experience... & many good memories to come!

    Indrukwekkend om te lezen... Racisme is ook echt nog lang niet de wereld uit...