Follow your heart

Everybody is part of the big world! But still the little moments in life count. I want to inspire people to follow their heart and to contribute to these little moments. So open yourself, explore and innovate for more impact! Now it’s the right time, place & moment to prepare the new generation for the many possible tomorrows that lay ahead. 

Marnimma. 32 years old dutch lady, living in The Netherlands and half the time in Rio de Janeiro. After my volunteer project in Brazil I changed my route to make more social impact. I love exploring new cultures and believe that social exchange can strengthen us. I am learning Portuguese and travel a lot for my work with STUDIO.WHY. There are countless reasons why our existing concepts, systems, and practices need to be revised or replaced. One of the most urgent is their lack of diversity. That is why I want to share various perspectives of our society with you!


ONE.WHY. (Foundation)

The future will be created by new generations. Our mission is to bring social organizations together with grassroots change makers who tackle the world's greatest challenges (SDG's) in their communities. Get out of the ordinary and try new paths with our social innovation programs where we work in multidisciplinary teams - with the aim of sharing skills, solving problems, generating new ideas and providing a platform for cross cultural exchange. A tomorrow, where everyone is learning everywhere.